24K Golden Face Serum



24k Golden Face Serum

Experience luxury on your skin! Our golden serum deeply nourishes the skin, reduces existing wrinkles, and acts preventively against new ones, tightens the skin, and provides a rejuvenated appearance in a completely natural way. Gold also possesses antibacterial properties, aiding in acne regulation. The serum is suitable for all skin types.

Usage: Massage 1-2 drops between your palms and gently pat in a circular motion all over your face, neck, and d├ęcolletage. The oil can be used alone or as a final step after night cream.

Ingredients: Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Oil, Arginia Spinosa Kernel Oil, 24k GOLD, collagen

Net: 30 ml

100% natural, paraben-free

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