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This massage is widely known in all spa centers and beauty salons throughout Europe. The very name of the massage speaks of the energy of earth and water. The word Terra is earth, while the word Aqua means water.

It is a special type of technique, in which ceramic vessels, specially adapted for relaxation and therapeutic massages are used.

The set itself consists of a specially made ceramic bowl and 8 ceramic bottles. Ceramic bottles are made in 4 different shapes (round, triangular, prickly and small round bottles that are most suitable for facial massage).

Recommendations for this treatment:

The treatment itself is painless, relaxing and recommended for all people. There are no contraindications for this treatment. It is recommended for tension, stress, pain, nervous stiffness.

Treatment benefits:

Relaxation, calmness, reduction of pain, reduction of irritability, improvement of mood…

The choice of hydrolates and massage oils is very important. For this massage, depending on the client’s needs, we recommend the following:

For therapeutic massages, we recommend lavender and lemon balm hydrolate and lavender and mint massage oil.

For relax massages, we recommend chamomile hydrolat and lemon massage oil.

There are two ways to perform AQUATERRA MASSAGE:

Both methods involve the use of the above-mentioned ceramic vessels, oils and hydrolates.

One way is to heat the hydrolates to 40 degrees, first oil the body and then massage. Hydrolats with their evaporation at this temperature have a significant effect on raising mood, relaxation and have health benefits. Another way is to use cold massagers, but someone like to heat the massagers themselves at a mild temperature.

Lavender hydrolat relaxes muscle tension, helps to eliminate fatigue, reduces nervous tension.

Lavender oil should also be used for facial massage, because it is the only oil that pleases every skin type, especially oily skin. Pimples and acne can be solved very quickly by lavender oil. If you have a client with extremely dry skin, it is better to use almond oil.

Chamomile hydrolat is known for its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects. The prominent soothing effect of this hydrolat is recommended for therapeutic massages.

Lemon Balm hydrolate is suitable for mature and inflamed skin, various studies have shown the benefits of this hydrolate.

NOTE: all products are completely natural plant-based and without added preservatives, additives and artificial colors and only such products are recommended for this type of massage.

Method of disinfection ceramic bottle is 70% alcohol.

The offer includes a set of 8 ceramic bowls, 6 large and 2 small, PLUS a plate/stand for the bowls. USE PERIOD UNLIMITED!