Body Massage Roller Rope – long (2.11.)



Body Massage Roller Rope – long (2.11.)

Handmade beech massage roller rope covered with waterproof varnish, wear-resistant for repeated use.

  • Designed to be easily used on legs and waist, smooth handle, durable and strong, easy and comfortable to hold.
  • Each roller has teeth that help remove cellulite and shape the body.
  • Roller rope serves to sculpt the waist and legs, with minimal risk of leaving bruises. When working with the rope, the treated body area is contoured from all angles. Circulation is instantly stimulated, primarily targeting surface-level cellulite. Longer ropes are intended for professional use.
  • Usage and Results: shaping legs and waist

Length: 120 cm

Weight: 0,5 kg

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