Pinda Sweda Bags (8 pieces)



Pinda Sweda Bags (8 pieces)

Pinda Sweda is a special Ayurvedic massage performed with flax or cotton bags, usualy filled up with special herbs combination.

This massage gives great results against various pains and problems, it nourishes the body and eliminates joint stiffness. Pinda massage also affects the breakdown of fat deposits, relax the body, eliminate insomnia and anxiety.

Ingredients of pinda bag: chamomile, mint, coriander, marigold, lavender, thyme.

Usage: There are several ways to use pindas, but we will list the most common.

  • The first way is to put pindas in warm water, then heat them up and do a massage.
  • Another way is to put the pindas in the (natural massage) oil, warm them up, and then do the massage.

Maintenance: disinfection in the sterilizer or with the help of 70% Alcohol (do not unwind pindes in order to wash the cloth).

*The package contains 8 different sizes pindas

Shelf life: up to 10 massages (for one person).

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