Self-Massage Abdomen Set



Self-Massage Abdomen Set

The self-massage abdomen set includes 4 elements designed for cellulite treatment, skin relaxation, and lymphatic drainage.

Usage and Results:

  • Apply massage oil or special massage cream, and prepare your stomach and skin for the wooden elements. With circular motions around the navel and pulling towards the bladder, stimulate digestion and lymph flow.
  • Afterward, use the spiky massager, making circular movements around the navel, from the chest to the bladder, and from the kidneys to the bladder (Do not go over the place where kidneys are!)
  • Next, use the sculptor/board for lymphatic drainage and shaping.
  • After this, use the small roller with cubes, with movements up-down and left-right.
  • Following this element, the sculptor is used again.
  • Finally, use the vacuum bell for extracting cellulite to the surface and deeper lymphatic drainage. Circular movements around the navel, from the chest, and from the kidneys to the bladder.
  • After the bell, use the sculptor again.

All our tools are handmade of natural beech wood covered with a waterproof varnish for repeated use. 

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