Self-Massage Leg Set



Self-Massage Leg Set

The self-massage leg set includes 4 elements designed for cellulite treatment, skin relaxation, and lymphatic drainage.

Usage and Results:

  • Apply massage oil or special massage cream and prepare your legs and skin for the wooden elements. Stimulate lymph nodes behind the knees and in the groin area.
  • Begin using the mushroom massager. This model allows you to treat the entire body. Start massaging from the calves, pulling movements upward, repeat the process on the thighs and buttocks. Another type of movement involves circular motions towards the bladder.
  • After this, you can immediately use the gua sha stick, moving in the same direction from the calves to the groin. Avoid applying too much pressure on the calves to prevent bruising, and be cautious when treating the inner thighs. This is an easy model for massaging the glutes, providing easy access from all sides for lifting.
  • Following this is the sculptor/board for lymphatic drainage, with movements from the calves to the groin (only pull upward). Do not reverse any movements downwards towards the feet with any model!
  • Next is the small rope with rollers, moving from the calves to the glutes and pulling the rope left-right. The same applies to the glutes.
  • After this element, the sculptor is used again.

*All models can also be used on the stomach, but it’s easier to have someone else massage the stomach with the rope, for example.

*Ensure your skin always has enough oil to avoid damage and bruising.

All our tools are handmade of natural beech wood covered with a waterproof varnish for repeated use. 

Weight: 1,5 kg

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