Buttocks Vacuum Cup (2.56.)



Buttocks Vacuum Cup (2.56.)

Looking for an effective way to shape your gluteus? Introducing the wooden Buttocks Vacuum Cups, designed to target the entire gluteus and lift it in one stroke. This model of equipment not only lifts your glutes, but also provides muscle relaxation, visibly reduces cellulite, and improves circulation. The massager is crafted to comfortably fit the hand and body.

Butt cupping is a technique utilizing suction cups, and it’s gaining popularity for its ability to naturally tighten and enhance the buttocks. By applying suction to the skin, the cups create a vacuum seal, which can help eliminate excess fat, promote skin exfoliation, enhance skin elasticity, and relax the muscles in the buttocks area. This non-invasive method offers subtle and natural-looking results, making it an appealing option for individuals seeking buttock enhancement without invasive procedures.

Diameter: 14 cm

*The price is per piece! 

All our models are handmade of quality beech wood covered with a waterproof varnish.