Gua Sha Wood Sticks Set (3.2.6.)



Specially designed body massager sticks are recommended by athletes, trainers, chiropractors, and of course massage therapists. In this set there are three sizes, each specially designed for a specific body part (back, legs, or hands).

All our maderotherapy tools are handmade of high-quality beach wood, covered with waterproof varnish, and wear-resistant for repeated use.

Functions: Use either side for specific massage therapy. Knobs are for deep tissue muscle release and anti-cellulite massage, while the back of the stick may be used for lymphatic drainage.

For Self Massage: You may use sticks for anti-cellulite and deep tissue massage on legs/hands. We don’t recommend self-massage on the back.

Handmade of natural beech wood covered with a waterproof varnish for repeated use. 

Size: 30x40x50 cm

Weight: 0,650 kg

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