Indian Head Massage – Online Training 



Indian Head Massage – Online Training

Indian head massage is a simple, yet highly effective therapy for alleviating deeply rooted symptoms of stress, shoulder tension, and head and neck discomfort.

Rooted in the rich Indian tradition, actualy Ayurveda, where the head, neck, and shoulders are considered vital energy centers of our body.

When exposed to stress, tension accumulates most in these areas, blocking the natural flow of blood, oxygen, and life energy, ultimately resulting in stiffness, migraines, hair loss, and more.

Note: This is not a traditional Indian Head Massage where the entire hair is soaked in oil. The massage we are demonstrating is more adapted to commercial needs and conventional client preferences. Please, be aware that very few clients would permit their hair and scalp to be fully pour over with massage oil, as it is done in traditional Indian Head Massage.

***The course is recorded in Serbian language, but it includes English subtitles! 

What Online Training Includes:

The course is structured in parts, beginning with the back and shoulders, then moving to the neck and cleavage, and finally the head/scalp and face.

Each movement is clearly demonstrated, accompanied by verbal explanations from the educator/therapist.

After the Training You Get:

After the course, you will receive CERTIFICATE – confirmation for the course and constant online support for all doubts and questions.

Duration of course: 20 min

What Online Training Looks Like?

After payment, you get access to the recorded course for the next 45 days.

How training looks like see HERE

For all payment-related inquiries, please contact us HERE.

Equipment is not included in this course, but you can buy it at our webshope.