Wooden massage Roller Rope with Cubes (2.43.)



Wooden massage Roller Rope with Cubes (2.43.)

Our massage tools is made of high quality 100% natural beech wood.

Each element is polished several times to make burr-free beads and coated with a thin layer of wax to make the beads smoother and more comfortable.

Usage and Results:

The rolling massage rope with cubes relieve muscle aches, eliminate the localized fat masses, activate the blood circulatory, and lymphatic system.

It helps to eliminate adipocytes and localized adiposity. There are different types of rollers, which are chosen depending on how is the patient’s skin is and the adiposity that its presents.

This model is recommended for treating deep cellulite and big fat deposits.

Size: 103 cm

Weight: 0,630 kg

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