Anti-cellulite Thermo Gel with a complex of active substances of ivy and rosemary, increases the effectiveness and performs a strong penetration to skin and fat deposits, extracting toxins and excess liquid. Additional, camphor accelerates surface microcirculation and triggers the process of lipolysis. Gel can be used as an introduction to any anti-cellulite massage. It can also be used with ultrasound.

Ingredients: Aqua destilata, Ethanol, Glycerine, Carboxypolymethylen, Triethanolamine, Hedera Helix Extract, Camphorae, Lemon Essentialis Oleum, Foeniculi Oleum, Ethylhexylglycerin, Phenoxyethanol

Net: 600 grams

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What is a Vacuslim treatment?

A Vacuslim treatment is based on reducing fat deposits and cellulite using special Cryo and Thermo gels and biodegradable bags. It increases peripheral circulation through intense sweating, all under the influence of the counter effect of Cryo and Thermo gels in a vacuum bag. This helps the skin absorb active substances from the gels, break down fat cells, and eliminate toxins through sweating.

What does a Vacuslim treatment entail?

First, prepare the skin for the treatment by opening lymph nodes and performing a brief version of lymphatic drainage (cover the entire body). After the preparation, apply Thermo gel, massage it onto the skin in a thin layer (check the client’s forearm for allergies before use). Then, take Cryo gel, apply it to the skin, and briefly massage the client. The gels are applied to the entire legs and belly, up to the chest, as needed, including the arms. Afterward, place the client in a vacuum bag, secure it with belts and ties, and use a handheld vacuum to remove the air. Allow the client to rest for the next 40 minutes.

After a Vacuslim treatment, it is recommended to perform anti-cellulite massage or Maderotherapy. The effects will be significantly better! If Vacuslim treatment is used individually, you may notice a reduction in measurements and excess water, but the effect is not long-lasting. Therefore, it is recommended to combine it with other anti-cellulite treatments, where it is observed to bring twice the benefits in shaping and reducing cellulite.

How often should the treatment be done?

Like any anti-cellulite treatment, Vacuslim is performed after the menstrual cycle, in packages of 10-15 treatments, every other – third day.


The treatment is not recommended for pregnant women, nursing mothers, individuals with sensitive skin, skin conditions, pronounced veins, or clients with malignant diseases.

Common mistakes that can hinder the effectiveness of the treatment:

  • Shortening the treatment duration.
  • Failing to prepare the skin adequately beforehand.
  • Using low-quality commercial gels or creams.
  • Not following up with any other anti-cellulite treatment after the Vacuslim session.