Concave Roller with Handle (2.8.)



Concave Roller with Handle (2.8.)

Made of natural beech wood covered with a waterproof varnish, wear-resistant for repeated use.

Designed to be easily used on legs and gluteus.

Usage and Results: Concave rollers with long handle are intended for professional use and facilitate therapists’ to work in less accessible areas. The wavy roller is effective for treating more stubborn cellulite and fatty deposits, but incorrect usage can lead to bruising. For instance, when applying pressure to the inner thigh, it should be gentle yet sufficiently strong to stimulate cellulite breakdown. It helps you fight against unpleasant fat pads and deep cellulite, especially on gluteus. Only for professional usage, do not use it for self-massage!

Size: 41 x 16 cm

Weight: 0,4 kg

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